On March 23-24, we had the opportunity to present the project to a wide group of medical specialists at the 2nd International Academy of Wound Care. Here are some highlights from the event:

PUMaA App Beta Version

After a lengthy series of internal tests, we are finally releasing the beta version of our supportive application for those caring for individuals at risk of, or already suffering from, pressure ulcers. The application currently offers the following features:

Logo aplikacji testowej
Logo aplikacji testowej
  • Each user can assign multiple patients to themselves (due to the test nature of the application, there is no capability to save patients’ personal data).
  • Each patient can be described through informational notes.
  • All notes created within the application can be written or dictated.
  • Each patient can have data regarding all of their pressure ulcers.
  • Each pressure ulcer can have informational notes.
  • Each pressure ulcer can have an unlimited number of photos (limited only by the smartphone’s memory) arranged chronologically.
  • Artificial Intelligence automatically determines the location of the ulcer in the photo and provides the Torrance scale level of the ulcer.
  • Photos can be taken or selected from the device.
  • Every informational element can be edited, including deletion.

In the beta version, the artificial intelligence used for ulcer detection in photos is in a test phase. Currently, the achieved recognition quality, confirmed through tests, is 72%, meaning that it matches a human assessment of a given ulcer in every 10 out of 7 attempts. In the remaining three attempts, it indicates a level of ulcer one degree higher or lower. In tests with ulcers described by humans, the application did not indicate an ulcer level different by more than one degree in any case.

Further work on the application is focused on three directions: firstly, improving recognition, including reducing the impact of photo quality on recognition; secondly, improving and expanding the application’s functionality; and thirdly, porting it to operating systems other than Android.

Requirements for the smartphone/tablet:

  • Android operating system version 7.0 or higher (earlier versions have not been tested).
  • At least 20 MB of free space (note: this will not allow for the accumulation of too many photos).
  • A smartphone with a camera resolution of at least 800×800 (lower resolutions have not been tested).


The application requires you to provide a username and password. If you are interested in testing, please contact us at the provided address.

Aplikacja do rozpoznawania stanu odleżyn wersja

Link to PUMaA App Version

link do pumaa app
link do pumaa app

First Test Results

And we have the first results from external tests. Below is the new version of the application in which we have (hopefully) fixed the following issues:

  • Text not fitting on buttons for smaller screens.
  • Application freezing when taking a photo of an ulcer.

Additionally, we have made the following changes:

  • Adjusted button colors to be more soothing.
  • Added a waiting spinner to indicate photo processing by artificial intelligence.

Aplikacja do rozpoznawania odleżyn wersja

Link to PUMaA App Version

link do pumaa app


We are working diligently to improve the application. We highly value feedback and reports (unfortunately) of issues from our test users. Hence, another version with a multitude of fixes is here so quickly. Most of these fixes are not noticeable to the user because this time we focused on compatibility with older devices. But that’s not all!

Among the novelties, we should mention:

  • Information about the need to wait for the processing to finish (important for older devices and poor network connectivity).
  • Reduced and improved the appearance of the list of pressure ulcer locations (per your request!).
  • Moved the photo deletion option to the photo preview.
  • Changed the appearance of several subpages of the application, hoping that the layout is now clearer.
  • Fixed several annoying errors related to timeouts in very weak network signal conditions.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the addition of photos taken outside of the application.

Here is the new version.

Aplikacja do rozpoznawania odleżyn wersja

Link do pumaa app

On the Application Page, we’ve added a brief description of how the application works. We welcome your feedback.