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PUMaA TECH welcomes you to our platform. We are a technological startup currently working on a project aimed at providing our customers with a simple way to improve the care of bedridden and disabled individuals by enabling them to independently monitor skin changes associated with maintaining a lying or sitting position. We are diligently working on a project titled:


Our solution offers several advantages over currently available options:

  • Lack of similar functionality solutions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accessibility
  • Instant diagnosis
  • Unlimited development potential
  • Innovative approach

Key features include:

  • The first application with comprehensive bedsore diagnostics
  • One of the first applications of AI in a medical smartphone app
  • Automation of complex medical diagnostics requiring expert knowledge
  • The first Polish application processing photos through a neural network on a smartphone
  • Extremely user-friendly

The project titled ‘APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN THE DETECTION OF SKIN CHANGES, SUCH AS ULCERS’ is being carried out as part of the Operational Program Smart Growth 2014 – 2020, Action 1.3: R&D Projects co-financed by capital funds, Sub-action 1.3.1: Support for Research and Development Projects in the Pre-Seed Phase by Proof of Concept Funds – BRIdge Alfa. The project has received funding in the amount of PLN 880,000, with a total project cost of PLN 1,100,000. (~240 000 euro)


PUMaA TECH is a company shaping the future today. Our mission is to create user-friendly technology that assists people. Our products help and enhance lives. We hope that through our efforts, your life will also become better!

Motivation to Act

Opieka nad obłożnie chorym - Pumaa System pomaga!
Opieka nad obłożnie chorym – Pumaa System pomaga!

The motivation behind the project:

According to PolSenior research, the caregiving process for elderly individuals is mainly carried out by family members. Pressure ulcers, under favorable conditions, can develop in a patient in a matter of hours. Diagnosing pressure ulcers requires a thorough assessment of their appearance, a task that so far only a qualified person can perform.

The goal of the project ‘Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Recognition of Skin Changes, with a focus on Pressure Ulcers’ is to provide caregivers of individuals at risk of pressure ulcers with a cost-effective and efficient method for assessing the risk of pressure ulcer development and the severity of existing ulcers. This will be achieved by employing the indicated methods of commercialization.

(The video is in polish)

Doświadczona pielęgniarka wypowiada się na temat naszej aplikacji

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We encourage individuals and companies from the medical field specializing in the care of individuals at risk of developing pressure ulcers to get in touch with us.

The best way to contact us is via email at:

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